We invite all trailers of interest such as:

  • All fiberglass travel trailers (Burros, Casitas, Scamps, Parris Pacers)
  • All Airstream and Silver Streak 1980 and older
  • All home built travel trailers
  • All Teardrop trailers new and old
  • Vintage trailers 1979 and older

If you have a teardrop or vintage trailer, we invite you to take part in the Arizona Roundup gatherings.  Please join us for fun times as we camp throughout Arizona.

We invite anyone with a vintage trailer, 1979 or older and all teardrop trailers to join us and take part in the fun and festivities. If you don’t have a trailer maybe now is the time to find one and have some fun.  In addition to camping, we also attend street rod car and truck shows and special events.  (Check out our photo gallery for a peek at past events).

those of other trailer-loving camp friends.  We have gatherings throughout the year as you can see by the photo gallery.  One of the largest gatherings of the year is  at Buck Skin State Park  located in Parker,  Arizona.  This gathering takes place the first weekend of December.  We had 95 vintage and teardrop trailers at this gathering.  You will also find classic and street rod cars and trucks pulling these trailers to the gatherings.  This is a great time to think back in time and relate to how our parents and grandparents

enjoyed camping when we were children.  We always hear stories of how they used to camp with Mom and Dad in their teardrop or camp trailer back in the forty, fifty, and sixties.  So now you have the opportunity to relive the camping experience you once had.       

Hello and welcome to Arizona Roundup.  Arizona Roundup was formed in 2004 through the vision of Bud Klinefelter with the intention of bringing people  together to camp with their teardrop and vintage trailers here in Arizona.   As a result, Arizona Roundup has become a group of people who camp throughout  Arizona year-round.  This is a time to celebrate the fun and pleasure of owning a teardrop or vintage trailer.   It is a great opportunity to show off your trailer as well as experience